Was lily potter a muggle? (2023)

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Was Lily Potter a Muggle?

Lily Potter (née Evans) was a Muggle-born witch and Harry's mother. She was born 30 January 1960 and died on 31 October 1981 at age 21.

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Why did Voldemort say Lily was a Muggle?

It is most likely due to Lily being a muggle-born witch. Voldemort believed that only pure bloods deserved to use magic, and thus could have considered her to not be a witch.

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Why is Petunia not a squib?

Back in 2004, JK Rowling herself teased there might be more to Aunt Petunia in response to a fan question. When asked if Aunt Petunia was a Squib (a non-magical person who is born with at least one magical parent), Rowling replied: 'Good question. No, she is not, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle.

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Were Lily Potter's parents Muggles?

Harry James Potter is the primary character in the book series by J.K. Rowling. His father, James, was the only child born to a pure-blood wizard family, while his mother, Lily, was a muggle-born witch, meaning both her parents were non-magical.

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Was Lily Potter an Animagus?

Lily was an animagus too, when Voldemort attacked, she transformed in front of him so that she could attempt to escape. Voldemort hit her with a spell which locked her in her form as a twisted way of leaving her alive for Snape.

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Why do Snape and Lily have the same Patronus?

Severus Snape's Patronus was also a doe, which symbolized his love for Lily. Snape uses his doe Patronus to show Dumbledore that he never fell out of love with Lily, his childhood best friend. Warner Bros.

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What were Lily Potter last words to Harry?

"... have mercy..."

Lily's last words were an ardent request to the Dark Lord to let her little boy live. As the books reveal by and by, the fact that she made the ultimate sacrifice for her son sealed Harry with her love, a form of old magic that proved powerful enough to keep him safe in years to come.

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What slur did Snape call Lily?

That's right, Snape called Lily a mudblood, the worst possible thing you can call a witch with muggle parents. Granted, Snape said it in the heat of the moment while fighting against James and his entire group of Marauders, but there are no takebacks from something like that.

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Did Lily Potter put a spell on Harry?

In dying, Lily set the path for Voldemort's downfall. Her sacrifice gave Harry the power of love, a protection spell sealed with the blood spilled by her death.

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How did Petunia feel about Lily's death?

In their last moments together at Privet Drive, Petunia hesitated but ultimately neglected to leave her nephew with any loving gesture or words of support. This felt disappointing as she'd already failed to make peace with Lily and appeared to be making the same mistake again.

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Did Petunia go to Harry's wedding?

"James was amused by Vernon, and made the mistake of showing it." Petunia refused to include Lily in her wedding. And the Dursleys didn't attend the Potters' marriage ceremony. "[Petunia] and Vernon chose not to attend Lily and James' wedding.

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What were Aunt Petunia's last words to Harry?

But there's a deleted scene where she has a final conversation with Harry. Her last line there is, "You didn't just lose a mother that night in Godric's Hollow, you know. I lost a sister." Since Aunt Petunia usually prefers not to acknowledge Harry's mother at all, it's a surprisingly sweet moment.

Was lily potter a muggle? (2023)
Was Hermione's parents both Muggles?

Warner Bros. In the "Harry Potter" series, characters like Lily Evans Potter and Hermione Granger were both born to Muggle parents who knew about their magical powers. Petunia Dursley, Lily's sister, even said her parents were "proud" to have a witch in the family.

Are Petunia and Lily twins?

She is Lily Potter's older sister, and thinks that her sister is a "freak". She has the same opinion of her nephew, Harry Potter. She married Vernon Dursley, and had a son, Dudley Dursley.

Why did Bellatrix call Harry a halfblood?

Because to a pureblood fanatic like Bellatrix, Harry is a Mudblood because one of his parents (Lily Evans) was a Muggleborn. Anyone with Muggle ancestry is one, including Snape since his father was a Muggle (Tobias).

Was Crookshanks Lily Potter?

In The Deathly Hallows, when the trio are in Grimmauld Place, Harry reads a letter hand-written by Lily.

Who was Crookshanks original owner?

Crookshanks is a cat owned by Hermione Granger.

Is Krum an Animagus?

Transfiguration and Animagi are different

For example: if Viktor Krum can transfigure his head into a shark's, like he does in Goblet of Fire, that doesn't mean he is an Animagus. Transfiguration is a form of spell-casting, whereas becoming an Animagus is forever. And yes, he could turn into a falcon. Lucky.

What were Snape's last words?

12. Snape's Last Words. In the [Deathly Hallows] book, Snape's dying words to Harry were "Look at me". Right then we did not realize the significance of his words but in the very next chapter when Harry goes through Snape's memories in the Pensieve, he comes to know how much Snape loved Lily.

Why is Snape's Avada Kedavra blue?

As for everyone's favourite child-bullying adult, Snape's Killing Curse was 'blue' due to the cyanish background of the film scene. It was actually green, but the camera and effects made a bluish overlay which overlapped the green spell.

What does it mean when Snape says always?

For the Potter uninitiated, “always” is how Snape explains to Dumbledore in the final book why his Patronus takes the same shape as the one belonging to his long-lost love: Harry Potter's mother, Lily.

What is Hermione's famous line?

What is Hermione Granger's Most Famous Quote? While this is a hotly debated topic, Hermione's most famous line is widely claimed to be “It's leviosa, not leviosar!

What was Voldemorts last word?

Lord Voldemort

"Avada Kedavra!"

What were Dumbledores last words?

“The last words Albus Dumbledore spoke to the pair of us?' Harry is the best hope we have. Trust him.

Why is Snape's nickname the Half-Blood Prince?

Snape was born to Eileen Prince, a witch, and Tobias Snape, a Muggle, making him a half-blood (hence the name, "Half-Blood Prince"). This is rare for a Death Eater, as remarked in the last book, though Voldemort himself also had a Muggle father.

What was Snape's first words to Harry?

The first thing Snape asks Harry is "Potter! What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" According to Victorian Flower Language, asphodel is a type of lily meaning 'My regrets follow you to the grave' and wormwood means 'absence' and also typically symbolised bitter sorrow.

What were Snape's first words?

In the film, Snape, played by the late Alan Rickman, asks Harry, 'Tell me, what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood? ' While the complexity behind the Potions question went completely over our heads, it turns out that it was very important to the story.

What is the deadliest spell in Harry Potter?

The Killing Curse ('Avada Kedavra')

Obviously there's no coming back from this spell, and according to the Ministry of Magic's classifications (and, again, fake-Moody) this is the worst Unforgivable Curse.

What was Harry's signature spell?

Roughly translated, Expelliarmus – the Disarming Charm – means 'to drive out a weapon' and that's what it does: forces the subject to drop whatever they're holding. Usually that's a wand, which is why it's often seen in duels, and Harry definitely took that to heart, given how much he used it in combat.

Why did Voldemort give Lily the chance to live?

It was intentional: Voldemort wanted Harry to know that he gave Lily the chance to live. He wants to understand that because of him (Harry), Lily made the conscience decision to die, rather than hand her son over to death.

How was Lily a Muggle?

Lily was born to Mr. and Mrs. Evans, two Muggles of the Evans family, on January 30, 1960. She had an older sister named Petunia, and the family lived in Cokeworth, England.

Why did Snape call Lily Mudblood?

He Called Lily A Mudblood

That's right, Snape called Lily a mudblood, the worst possible thing you can call a witch with muggle parents. Granted, Snape said it in the heat of the moment while fighting against James and his entire group of Marauders, but there are no takebacks from something like that.

Who is Lily Potter a descendant of?

Lily is descended from the House of Wilkes through her mother, Rose Carichael, descendant of the squib Hyacinth Wilkes. House Wilkes is an Ancient and Noble House that came to England sometime in the 5th or 6th century, along with 16 other notable Roman wizarding families of the time.

Was Hermione supposed to be black?

Hermione Granger is not black. Hermione is not white, or mixed-race, or any other ethnicity. Hermione is a blank canvas for the reader to draw upon, to project themselves on, to reflect their own appearance if they so wish.

Is Hermione the heir of Slytherin?

Her real parents were Daneel and Dean Novak, Pureblooded wizards. Turns out Daneel was Tom Riddles younger sister, Daneel Riddle. Of course, the Riddles were related to Salzar Slytherin himself, and this made Hermione the living heir of Slytherin.

What happens when two Muggle-borns have a child?

What happens if two Mudbloods have a child? It has nothing to do with genes and is just a construct of wizarding society. So the magical child of two muggle-born would be half-blood and a non-magical chld of two muggle-born a squib.

Why was Lily Potter so powerful?

4 Lily Potter's Doe

Lily Potter's magical abilities are particularly powerful in that they all stem from her heart, especially the love she has for her son. It was that love that was able to protect baby Harry from the killing curse and save his life.

What did remember my last Petunia mean?

'Remember my last'

Petunia's disdain for Harry was most likely born from a long-standing jealousy of her magical sister, Lily. A Howler from Dumbledore, addressed to Petunia, said 'Remember my last' – no doubt referring to the letter which he left with baby Harry, on the doorstep of Privet Drive.

Was Lily a powerful wizard?

Yet it's her time outside Hogwarts fighting Voldemort that really make Lily one of the most powerful witches of all time. Lily not only joined the war against Voldemort, she managed to defy him no less than three times. All the while giving birth to a son and raising a family.


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