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What is a Jem Hadar?

The Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered soldiers. Unlike the Klingons they have no interest in honor or glory.

Is Eris a Vorta?

Eris was a Vorta female in the service of the Dominion. While Kurill Prime was listed as the homeworld of the Vorta according to the Star Charts, it is not known if this is really Eris' homeworld or just a part of her cover.

When was the USS Odyssey destroyed?

The USS Odyssey critically damaged following a kamikaze attack by a Jem'Hadar fighter in late 2370.

Who is the leader of Jem Hadar?

Third Talak'talan, leader of the Jem'Hadar group, tells Sisko, Quark and Eris that the Dominion will no longer tolerate the presence of ships from the other side of the wormhole.

Are the Jem'Hadar in Voyager?

Three Jem'Hadar attack ships previously appeared (also in holographic form) in season 2's Star Trek: Voyager: Parturition (1995). Voyager launched in 2371, while the Jem'Hadar were first encountered by the Federation in 2370, which explains how the species can be included in Voyager's holographic database.

What race is Osyraa?

Osyraa was a female Orion and the leader of the Emerald Chain in the late 32nd century.

How large is the Klingon Empire?

The Klingon Empire is twice as large as the Tholian Assembly and nearly three times as large as the next two largest interstellar political entities, the Romulan Star Empire and the Breen Confederacy.

Is Ferengi a humanoid?

The Ferengi were a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Ferenginar. Ferengi civilization was built on free enterprise, where earning profit was the sole meaningful goal in life, superseding all other endeavors. To the Borg, they were known as Species 180.

Why was Eris not invited?

At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis the guests included mortals and gods from Olympus. However, Eris was not invited because “she was the goddess of discord and wherever she went she took trouble with her” (lines 13-14). Eris was angry at not being invited and so came to the wedding party to take revenge.

Can Vorta reproduce?

Physiology. The Vorta are distinguished by their pale skin, pale eyes, and elongated ears. They have two genders and reproduced sexually at some point in the ancient past, though sexual reproduction has been entirely abandoned in favor of cloning.

What species is weyoun?

Weyoun was a high-ranking Vorta man in the Dominion. He has been cloned at least nine times, as of 2376.

What is the oldest US ship still in service?

USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. Naval officers and crew still serve aboard the ship today. The USS Constitution is operated by the United States Navy, a partner to the National Parks of Boston.

What is the oldest ship still floating?

USS Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, is a three-masted wooden-hulled heavy frigate of the United States Navy. She is the world's oldest ship still afloat.

What was the last US ship to sink in battle?

The last US Navy ship lost at sea was USS Guardian. On 17 January 2013, Guardian ran aground on Tubbataha Reef in the Phillipines. Unable to be recovered, the vessel was decommissioned and struck on 15 February 2013.

Where is Dominion space in Star Trek Fleet Command?

The principal setting of the series is the Starfleet-controlled space station Deep Space Nine, located adjacent to the mouth of a stable wormhole near the planet Bajor.

What happened to the Vorta?

Apparently in fulfillment of the Founders' earlier promise, the Vorta were genetically changed by them into humanoids and were employed at the highest level of the Dominion, as the Founders' tools of conquest.

Who betrayed Voyager?

Michael "Mike" Jonas was a Human male alive during the late-24th century. Maquis resistance fighter turned provisional Starfleet crewman, Jonas later betrayed his new crew on the USS Voyager to the Kazon.

Was Janeway on the next generation?

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" Man Of The People (TV Episode 1992) - Lucy Boryer as Ensign Janeway - IMDb.

Who is the traitor on Voyager?

Neelix eventually discovers that the real traitor is Michael Jonas, a Maquis engineer. Jonas locks down Engineering, injures Neelix, and attempts to draw Voyager into a trap laid by Kazon forces.

Why are Orions green?

However, Orion physiology and copper-based blood chemistry were more similar to that of a Vulcan, with skin tones ranging from emerald to dark-olive greens, due to both their copper blood and the chlorophyll in their skin cells. This green skin darkened in strong sunlight.

Who plays RUVE Adams?

Janet Kidder: Ruvé Adams.

Who is the leader of the Emerald Chain?

The main antagonist of the past season of Star Trek: Discovery was Osyraa, played by the great Janet Kidder, an Orion woman and leader of the Emerald Chain, a crime syndicate intent on dominating the galaxy and crushing the Federation.

What is the Klingon lifespan?

Klingons were capable of living well over a century in age. Individuals such as Kang, Koloth, Kor, and Arne Darvin lived well over one hundred years. ( DS9: "Blood Oath", "Trials and Tribble-ations", "Once More Unto the Breach") No exact lifespan has been given for Klingons, just approximates.

Which species is stronger Vulcans or Klingons?

Vulcans are suggested to be x3 times stronger than a human (and consequently a Klingon) but they are a race that, mostly, avoids all forms of physical violence, due to their dark and murky past, favoring intelligence and logic over warfare.

Who is the Klingon god?

Inside the Star Trek science fiction universe, Kahless is a messianic figure in Klingon history, who unified the Klingon people and became emperor after three centuries without leadership.

Why do Ferengi wear headdress?

I have a question for you: Why do all the other Ferengi at least sometimes wear that headdress, dust skirt thing and Quark never does? It's because our prosthetic head only reached to the just above the neckline and they needed something to help cover it up, hence the headdress.

What color is Ferengi blood?

Ferengi blood is yellow, turning dark blue-green when oxidized. Bodies are not autopsied or even touched until after death rituals — which have been seen to be the desiccation and sale of the remains.

What language do Ferengi speak?

Ferengi script. The Ferengi language was the spoken and written language of the Ferengi used on Ferenginar.

Who is Eris lover?

Eris ("Strife") was Typhon's escort in the mellay, Nike ("Victory") led Zeus into battle. Another story of Eris includes Hera, and the love of Polytechnus and Aedon. They claimed to love each other more than Hera and Zeus were in love. This angered Hera, so she sent Eris to wreak discord upon them.

Why did Eris throw the golden apple?

Eris was so furious about her exclusion that she decided to go to the wedding and throw a golden apple, the fruit of temptation, to the banquet table. The apple was supposed to go out to the "Calliste" - that mean the fairest one.

How evil is Eris?

[she is the one] who builds up evil war, and slaughter. She is harsh; no man loves her, but under compulsion and by will of the immortals, men promote this rough Eris (Strife)."

Who was the female Vorta?

Star Trek fans will remember Kaitlin Hopkins for her two roles on Deep Space Nine, and on Star Trek: Voyager. She played Kilana the Vorta in The Ship, and Dala in Voyager's Live Fast and Prosper.

What is the Vorta in ds9?

The Vorta are a humanoid species encountered by the crew of Deep Space 9. The Vorta were a genetically engineered race created by the Founders of the Dominion to act as field commanders, administrators, scientists and diplomats.

Who played the founder in ds9?

Trekkies will immediately recognize Salome Jens as "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"'s female shapeshifter (or as the humanoid progenitor from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"), but Jens was a renowned actress of the stage and screen long before she ever set foot on a federation starship.

Who is the best DS9 villain?

Those who have watched DS9 know that Dukat is one of the most impressive villains in science fiction, and certainly one of the most entertaining.

Who kills weyoun?

After the mission succeeded, Weyoun 4 was killed by his own Jem'Hadar First for questioning his troops' loyalty.

How many weyoun were there?

Weyoun was the "noble progenitor" of a series of Vorta supervisors, diplomats, and administrators in the service of the Dominion during the late 24th century. Like all Vorta, Weyoun was cloned; at least eight copies were known to exist, five of which were encountered by the Federation.

Has a US battleship ever been sunk?

She was scrapped in 1959 after years in mothball. USS California (BB-44) was hit by two torpedoes and an 800 kg bomb, leaving her sunk in shallow water during the Pearl Harbor raid.

What was the last retired battleship?

The "Mighty Mo" was the last American battleship ever built and the last to be decommissioned. The surrender of the Japanese on the deck of the Missouri brought the Second World War to an end and remains one of the most impressive highlights in her illustrious 50-year career.

What is the oldest ship to sink?

A Greek merchant ship discovered more than a mile under the surface of the Black Sea has been radiocarbon dated to 2,400 years ago, making it the world's oldest known intact shipwreck.

What ship sank itself on D Day?

During World War II, the USS Texas (BB-35) was intentionally flooded during D-Day, in what one might think is the craziest attempt at insurance fraud ever. But in reality, it was a necessary maneuver to complete its mission.

What is the largest ship to ever sink?

RMS Titanic

The sinking of the biggest passenger ship ever built at the time resulted in the death of more than 1,500 of the 2,208 people onboard. The accident occurred when the ship hit an iceberg while cruising at its maximum speed of 23k on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City.

Is there a truly unsinkable ship?

The short answer is no. And anyway, it seems the claim that it was unsinkable didn't come from engineers but rather from advertisements for the Titanic. The ship had a lot of design features—such as the watertight compartments and their bulkheads—that may have led people to believe that it wouldn't sink.

What was the hardest battleship to sink?

USS Nevada (BB-36)
United States
Decommissioned29 August 1946
Stricken12 August 1948
Nickname(s)"Cheer Up Ship" "The ship that wouldn't sink"
28 more rows

Has the U.S. ever lost a carrier?

Twelve aircraft carriers were sunk by the enemy during World War II -- five fleet carriers, a seaplane tender and six escort carriers. The loss of the Bismarck Sea was the last time that a U.S. carrier went down due to enemy action.

What was the largest U.S. naval losses?

Pearl Harbor: U.S. naval losses December 7, 1941

This was in addition to more than 120 damaged or destroyed Navy Aircraft, and over 2,000 Navy personnel deaths. The sinking of the U.S.S. Arizona battleship alone resulted in the deaths of almost half of all U.S. citizens killed in the attack.

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