How do I stop bots from texting me on Discord? (2023)

How do I delete bot texts?

In the Bot Framework, every message has its unique activity identifier. Messages can be deleted using the Bot Framework's DeleteActivity method. To delete a message, pass that activity's ID to the DeleteActivityAsync method of the TurnContext class.

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How do I stop random bot texts?

How to stop spam texts: A step-by-step guide
  1. Know the signs of a spam text. ...
  2. Don't respond directly to a spam text. ...
  3. Don't click on any suspicious links. ...
  4. Block phone numbers. ...
  5. Report phone numbers to your carrier. ...
  6. Enable spam filters. ...
  7. Be careful where you share your phone number. ...
  8. Use third-party spam protection apps.
Jul 20, 2022

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How do I stop Discord spammers?

Use anti-spam bots: There are several Discord bots that are specifically designed to detect and block spam messages, such as MEE6 or Dyno. These bots can be configured to automatically delete or mute messages that contain certain keywords or that are sent by users who have not been verified.

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Why do I keep getting bot texts?

Why am I getting spam text messages? There are many ways spammers get hold of your cell phone number so they can send SMS spam and sales texts: They may use technology to generate numbers automatically — so even if you have a brand-new number, you can still receive both robocalls and robotexts.

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What to do when a bot texts you?

Report spammers to your cellular provider

For most major carriers — including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon — you can copy the offending message and text it to 7726. You should receive a reply, which, depending on the carrier, might include a request to send the phone number that the spam came from.

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How do I block bot texts on my Iphone?

Filter messages from unknown senders

Go to Settings > Messages, scroll down to Message Filtering, then turn on Filter Unknown Senders.

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Can you stop spam bots?

Blacklisting IPs: This is the most simple and common method to block spambots but till that damage has been done. To stop the further damage you can blacklist the IP or series of IP on the firewall, so no more spamming is done.

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Should I Block a bot?

Even good bots can potentially put an extra burden on your server resources when they are not managed properly, leading to an increased traffic load and slowing down your site's speed. Managing and blocking bots, especially bad bots, is very important if you have a website and server.

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Can you control bots in Discord?

To use a Discord bot command, simply type it into the text box on a text channel and press “enter”. The bot will prompt you for any follow-up Discord commands. See the GIF above for a quick example of how to use the “status” command on the IdleRPG bot.

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Can Discord bots see your DMS?

Can Discord bots read messages? Contrary to what some others are saying here, Discord bots can read all messages sent in a server or DM, as long as the server admin gave them permission when they added the bot. Many bots however, only pay attention to messages with a certain prefix or keyword such as '!

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What does spam bot do in Discord?

Discord webhook spammer | With this program you can automatically send as many messages as you want via a discord webhook.

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Can a Discord bot send message without command?

From the documentation of, you first need to fetch the channel by its id and then you can send a message. Hope, this helps.

How do I stop bots from texting me on Discord? (2023)
Why is my Discord spamming messages?

Joining a lot of servers simultaneously or sending a large number of friend requests might be considered spam. In order to shut down spambots, we take action against accounts that join servers too frequently, or send out too many friend requests at one time.

How do I report a spammer on Discord?

If an event is time-sensitive and needs urgent attention, but you don't have access to a computer, you can also send an email to Simply type out the details of your specific situation, click send, and that's it. Just beware that you may not get a reply.

How do I turn off direct messages on Discord mobile?

To turn off DMs on Discord desktop and mobile applications, open Discord, go to the “USER SETTINGS” manual, and click on the “Privacy & Safety” option. Next, search and click on the “Allow direct messages from server members” option inside the “SERVER PRIVACY DEFAULT” category, and disable the toggle to turn off DMs.

Why does Discord keep messages?

We do this in order to ensure that other users continue to have access to the content shared with them. If you want to delete specific content, please do so before you delete your account.

How do I change my message settings on Discord?

Choose who can direct message you

Open Discord, go to your settings by tapping on the logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Then, tap Privacy and Safety. Under 'Safe Direct Messaging', choose from either Keep me safe, My friends are nice or Do not scan.

How to make it so only your friends can message you on Discord?

How do you stop people from sending you messages on discord? 2)If you are on mobile, click the three dots next to the server name, if you are on computer, then click the gear icon next to the server name, 3)Select “privacy settings”, then turn off “allow direct messages from server members”.

Can you mute direct messages on Discord?

Hover your cursor over Mute @[their username]. From the extended menu, choose how long you want to mute them. This will mute their direct message notifications. If you want to mute someone in a Discord server, you must right-click their name bar in that server and click the checkbox next to Mute.

Can Discord see your DMs?

Discord doesn't monitor DMs, and they aren't end-to-end encrypted. Users can send files, photos, voice messages, videos, and other content to one another via DMs.

Why is my Discord bot repeating messages?

The issue is that the bot is constantly responding to itself, and it's because the on_message event triggers not just when users send a message but also when the bot sends a message.

Can Discord admins see deleted messages?

If a if an admin wants to permanently delete a message or a message that's deleted broke discord's TOS, then they won't be visible to anyone.

Does deleting Discord account delete data?

Note that if you delete your Discord account, you'll never be able to get it back — all your data will be permanently erased. ... If you own a server, you'll need to transfer ownership of it before you delete your Discord account. How do you tell if a Discord account is deleted?

How can I change my message settings?

  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Open a 1:1 conversation or group message.
  3. Tap More options Details or More options. Group details. Stop message notifications: Tap Notifications. Silent. Get priority notifications: Tap Notifications. Priority. Block messages from the phone number or group: Tap Block & report spam. OK.

How do I make my Discord private?

1. Disable all permission for @everyone
  1. Head into the Roles tab in your Server Settings menu.
  2. Select the default @everyone role and then scroll all the way to the bottom of the permissions page.
  3. Once you scroll all the way down, you'll be able to click on the Clear Role Permissions button!
May 31, 2022


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